Lynn Deatherage receiving the 2022 SOESC Friend of Education Award

Foundation President recognized for work on scholarship portal

Foundation President Lynn Deatherage received the 2022 SOESC Friend of Education Award for her work on the Clinton County Foundation Scholarship Portal. For the first time, scholarships offered in the county were entered into software purchased by the Foundation. This resource created unparalleled access for students across the county. Once a student creates a profile and answers qualifying questions, the portal connects students to opportunities. As noted in her nomination, “Lynn has been instrumental in getting the online scholarship portal set-up and running for Clinton County students during this year’s pilot.” There were 87 scholarships and 324 users in the portal who were connected to 676 application opportunities. “The Foundation and the scholarship portal would be a fraction of what it is today if it hadn’t been for Lynn. Her tireless efforts to get this up and running was for the students. She wants the students of Clinton County to have access to as many of the scholarship opportunities as they can,” according to Alison Belfrage, executive director of the Clinton County Foundation. She continued, “This recognition is spot on. Lynn deserves a million kudos.”

At the conclusion of this scholarship season, Foundation leaders will talk with stakeholders about the pilot year and make adjustments as needed. Initial indications are that the portal was a success and will be available for the 2023 scholarship season.

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