The Clinton County Foundation is a community foundation providing charitable investing and local grants that enable people and nonprofits to make a lasting and positive impact in our community.

Why Work with the Foundation?

Our goal is to help charitable organizations capture every opportunity to advance their mission and make an enduring impact on our community.  We bring together the financial resources of individuals, families, and businesses with professionalism and compassion to support effective nonprofits in our area.

Dozens of local nonprofits and family foundations rely on us to facilitate and oversee their philanthropic investments and help them make a difference. Here are a few reasons nonprofits partner with us.

  • Placing resources in your local community foundation helps ensure resources remain in the community.
  • We represent a wide range of interests, needs, and communities within our county. Everyone has a place in the Clinton County Foundation.
  • The Foundation’s knowledge and experience enable us to expertly manage and steward your funds, which includes accounting, individual fund reporting, independent auditing and compliance with federal and state reporting requirements.
  • We are a nationally accredited foundation with high standards for philanthropic excellence, investment oversight and personal service.
  • The Clinton County Foundation can set up and manage all aspects of a designated fund to make it easy to accept complex gifts and invest them for growth and impact.
  • The Foundation has a 24/7 online Fund Advisor Portal that ensures instant access to statements and related fund information.

Setting up a Fund

As your partner in service of our community, we can guide you through the process of establishing and managing a fund that will best serve your unique mission and requirements. We offer several options to meet your needs for donations, growth, and distribution of assets. From set-up to administration and distribution, we streamline the process and make it easy and cost-efficient to put your good intentions into action and improve the lives of people in our county.


This type of fund is created by an established nonprofit and is an excellent option for long-term assets or a home for reserves. An agency fund will allow you to invest your assets and select from the investment options available through the Foundation.


This vehicle is perfect for the donor who is a champion of your nonprofit. It creates a fund to hold, receive, and invest gifts intended for future use. Some donors are able to make a qualified charitable distribution from an IRA to a designated fund to support your specific organization.


If you have a special purpose charitable project, such as a building capital campaign or an event, the Clinton County Foundation can lessen the burden on your staff or volunteers by handling the volume of gifts, pledges, and disbursements. Disbursements are paid to a charitable organization or a government entity, which in turn pays contractors, vendors, and all expenses related to the project. This type of fund generally has a time horizon.

Contact a member of the Foundation staff to discuss your needs.

Grant Opportunities

Grants are one of the most important ways that nonprofits raise support for their mission. The Clinton County Foundation offers several opportunities to apply for grants with grant cycles once or twice a year.

Visit our Grant Portal to set up an account and learn more.

Sture Fredrick Anliot Fund

The Clinton Streamkeepers recommend grants from the Sture Fredrik Anliot Fund. This fund is an endowed, restricted gift for the improvement of water quality in the Little Miami River and its tributaries in Clinton and Greene Counties of Ohio. The funds are available annually with an application due by April 15.

HealthFirst for Clinton County

HealthFirst supports organizations and initiatives that promote the good health of residents in Clinton County, Ohio through education, innovation, and patient care support. Education initiatives supported by HealthFirst address individual and community wellness and health awareness through direct outreach and creative communication about nutrition, emergent health issues, disease prevention or management, and other similar topics.

HealthFirst for Clinton County Logo

Vallee Fund for Blanchester

Richard and Shirley Vallee loved Blanchester, Ohio and were inspired to provide a legacy that would build long-lasting change for their community and its citizens. The Vallee Fund for Blanchester mission is to strengthen Blanchester, Ohio and improve the lives of its citizens through project-based funding. The Fund hopes to serve the Blanchester community through transformative ideas and creative programs that lift the community and provide services for those in need.


This fund focuses on improving the health, welfare, and safety of Clinton County citizens through project-based funding of transformative ideas and creative, pioneering programs. LEGACY Fund projects often lay the groundwork for systemic changes that utilize local strategies and visionary leadership. Visit their website

Robert E. Lucas Memorial Fund

Because Robert Lucas was able to inspire others with his vision, the Foundation is proud to honor this great man with a fund dedicated to improving the lives of young people and inspiring leadership. Grant applications are open October 15 through January 31 annually.

Dolly Parton reading to a classroom of children
In 2020, the Robert Lucas Fund made a grant of $6000 to the local affiliate of Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.
“During Covid, our church realized how difficult it would be for some of our neighbors in the community to cope with food insecurity. While building a walk up “God’s Pantry” presence behind our church, we realized the need for refrigerated goods. By applying for and receiving a LEGACY Fund grant through the Clinton County Foundation, we were able to make that a reality. Thank you to the LEGACY Fund and the Foundation for caring about our community!”
Rev. R. Scott Miller, Wilmington United Methodist Church


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