Our Brand Revealed

The Clinton County Foundation articulates its brand, building on 35 years of charitable investing and local grantmaking.

The Clinton County Foundation is excited to share its updated look and website after conducting an in-depth brand and business strategy project that included members of the community and past/present Board of Trustees members. It now has a sharpened mission, message, and look that better aligns the Foundation with its goals.

“We were ready for an update and we’re thrilled with the new identity and revitalized mission,” shared Lynn Deatherage, President of the Board of Trustees.

“While historically the Foundation concentrated on scholarships, today the Foundation manages a variety of funds and major endowments, encourages fundraising and enables nonprofits to advance many different causes through grantmaking. Our focus has expanded to include education, health and wellness, and economic development in our county because we believe when we give our best, we bring out the best in each other,” said Alison Belfrage, Executive Director of the Clinton County Foundation.

But what exactly is “brand?” Stripped of all marketing jargon, a brand is the promise you keep.

“Having a well-articulated brand platform will help keep our organization focused and ensure everyone operates from the same page and is moving in the same direction.” explained Foundation Board member Pam McCoy, “and that means we can have a bigger impact on our community by living our promise of “bringing out the best in Clinton County.” 

Although the essence of why it exists has not changed, the Foundation is ready to expand its impact and truly focus on bringing to life its mission: Inspire and cultivate charitable giving in Clinton County to build a thriving and resilient community where people want to live, work, and grow.

Clinton County Foundation Logo
The logo design visually captures the mission and values of the Foundation.

Alison Belfrage explains, “The coming together of multiple colors reflects our collaboration with donors, nonprofits, beneficiaries, and partners. The quadrants and colors also capture our value of inclusion and diversity. Being a rural and farming community, the colors of the quadrants map to the four seasons and mirror the hand-painted barn quilts scattered throughout our community that celebrate our shared history. Lastly, the intersecting lines in the center symbolize our focus on working together to grow giving and bring out the best in Clinton County.”

About Clinton County Foundation
The Clinton County Foundation is a community foundation providing charitable investing and local grants so people and nonprofits can make a lasting and positive impact on our community. We have the experience, relationships, and resources to support a thriving community for people to live, work, and grow. To learn more about the Clinton County Foundation, please visit the new website at https://www.clintoncountyohiofoundation.org.

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