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Students who use the Clinton County Foundation Scholarship portal to complete and submit at least one scholarship application in the portal by March 15, 2024 will be eligible for one of five $1,000 scholarships.

“Every scholarship dollar we can direct to our Clinton County students is money well spent”, said Lynn Deatherage, Chair, Grants and Scholarships Committee.

Again in 2024, the Foundation will be awarding five students $1,000 each for participating in and completing a scholarship application in the portal. This platform provides access to opportunity for all graduating seniors.

There are over 45 scholarship opportunities for graduating seniors who live in Clinton County, or attend the local high schools of Blanchester, Clinton Massie, East Clinton, Wilmington, and Laurel Oaks. Opportunities also exist for Lynchburg Clay, homeschooled, and private school students as well.

Students should visit the scholarship portal here to set up an account.

Learn more about the scholarship program here. 

According Deatherage, “The process really is easy for our students – personal email address, a general essay, and an email address for an individual to provide a general letter of recommendation – will get you started. The more one qualifies for the more questions you may have to answer, however that means more opportunity for scholarship dollars. It’s worth the effort.”

Application window closes on March 15, 2024.

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