Education is the key to a brighter future for our local students, and our community. The Clinton County Foundation makes it easier for both donors and scholarship recipients to contribute in their own way to a thriving Clinton County. Scholarships align with the Foundation’s mission to connect people who care with causes that matter. As part of our support for education, we administer scholarship funds established by individuals and organizations.

Noah Geggie

2023 Scholarship Recipient

Pricilla Torres Garcia

2023 Scholarship Recipient

Gretchen Boggs

2023 Scholarship Recipient

Austin Vonderhaar

2023 Scholarship Recipient

Student Support

A variety of scholarships are available to high school students and adult learners looking to further their education with a four- or two-year degree or continuing education credits. These scholarships support a wide range of disciplines including agriculture, general education, English literature, athletics, business, nursing, substance abuse counseling, conservation, sports management, music, math, and theater, to name a few.

Who is Eligible?

  • Graduating seniors with at least a 2.5 GPA or better (Note: most scholarships require at least a 3.0 GPA)
  • Individuals with specific majors or career goals
  • Individuals currently attending or pursuing a degree from a professional or trade/vocational school
  • Individuals currently attending or pursuing a degree from a 2- or 4-year college or university

Application Procedure

We recommend that you gather the following information before starting the application process:

  • Your GPA/class ranking

  • An essay

  • At least one recommendation letter. This could be from a teacher, a coach, employer, a minister, a neighbor, or a co-worker.

  • A transcript from your most recently attended high school or college/university

There will be questions specific to scholarships, so you may have to gather or prepare additional information.

Application Deadline

The Scholarship Portal for county-wide applications generally opens December 1 with a deadline of March 15.

Some scholarships are by invitation only and will not appear in the portal list.

“The Clinton County Foundation manages 38 scholarship funds that support educational advancement for our citizens. In 2022, 93 individuals were awarded a total of $367,140 and 25% of all students who utilized the Foundation’s Scholarship Portal received a scholarship award.”
Alison Belfrage, Executive Director, Clinton County Foundation

Student Resources

In addition to scholarships offered through the Clinton County Foundation, there are many other scholarships available to Clinton County high school students that are not part of the Foundation’s Scholarship Portal. Therefore, we recommend that high school students check their high school’s guidance office website to find and apply for those extra scholarships that are outside the Clinton County Scholarship Portal.


There is a wide variety of scholarships available through the Clinton County Foundation that are based on a field of study, merit, financial need, and community involvement. By completing our universal grant application, our system will automatically match you with the criteria for each scholarship. This eliminates the need to complete multiple scholarship applications.

Below is the list of scholarships managed by the Foundation and available in the portal:

Countywide Scholarships

Bob and Michelle Coblentz Scholarship
Bruce & Dorothy Henry Agriculture Scholarship
Bruce & Dorothy Henry Music Scholarship
Bruce & Dorothy Henry Scholarship
Business Advisory Council Scholarship
Clinton County Retired Teachers Scholarship
Rick Moyer Legacy Scholarship
Outstanding Women of Clinton County Scholarship
Tolliver Family Ag Scholarship Fund
4-H Scholarships – Darlene Myers, Viola Carroll, Carteens and 4-H Endowment
Sports Hall of Fame
Vandervort Music Scholarship

Available to Blanchester Students

Lorraine Carey Scholarship
Miriam Deck Scholarship
Robert E. Lucas Scholarship

Available to Clinton-Massie Students

Clinton-Massie Business Scholarship
Clinton-Massie School Foundation
DARE Scholarship
Prezzleigh Goldie Scholarship

Available to East Clinton Students

Brett Wightman Scholarship
DARE Scholarship
East Clinton Alumni Scholarship
Kenneth R. Fliehman Scholarship
Roger Murphy Scholarship

Available to Wilmington Students

Ebby Sims Scholarship
George & GerryLou Deck Scholarship
Kathleen Outcalt Scholarship
Michael Marine Scholarship
Randall J. Harris Athletic Scholarship
Scholastic Achievement Council Phi Delta Sigma
William Robinson Scholarship
Wilmington City Schools Foundation:
• Adam Baker Scholarship
• Class of 1965 Scholarship
• Heiland, Diebel, PEO Scholarship
• LCPL Mark E. Huff Scholarship
• Matrka Family Scholarship
• Ronald & Betty Turner Scholarship
• Virgene Peterson Scholarship

Available to Eaton Students

Helyn Baumhart Mikesell Scholarship
Marion Alexander Scholarship

Available to Lynchburg Clay Students

Bruce & Dorothy Henry Agriculture Scholarship
Bruce & Dorothy Henry Music Scholarship
Bruce & Dorothy Henry Scholarship

Adult Learners

We also offer scholarships to adult learners. While some of these are available to the public, others are by invitation only. Please visit our Scholarship Portal to learn more about eligibility.

ATSG/Hete Family Scholarship
Health Alliance of Clinton County Scholarship
Rick Moyer Legacy Scholarship
Southern State Nursing Scholarship
Tau Kappa Beta at Wilmington College

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